Meet Elisa Valdes

"I see myself as a woman and body activist. I teach women how to embrace their bodies. By channeling into their inner goddus, I encourage women to be radical and to love their bodies by causing self and identity awareness."


The Goddus Experience

"Looking to be empowered and reconnected to your feminine divinity? I am here to connect you to your inner Goddus. Not only do you get gorgeous images of your true self. I provide you an experience and allow you to have a safe space to embrace your sensuality and unleash the Goddus within."


are you ready to be immersed with feminine power? 
from the white sand dunes, to luxury scottsdale hotels, these events are a one of a kind spiritual gathering for women looking to rise.

join us one of our infamous gatherings to meet sisters just like you looking to 
connect with & radiate their
highest self.

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